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24/7 Indoor Storage makes it easy to store your boat and when your ready for a day or two on the lake call us up and we will have everything clean, running and ready to hit the water!

When you rely on 24/7 Indoor Storage for your Las Vegas boat storage needs, you have the luxury of spending more time enjoying the benefits of your investment and less time worrying about how to protect it.

Call 24/7 Indoor Storage and Extend the Life of Your Boat

An indoor storage facility offers shelter from the elements while protecting your boat against theft and vandalism. With affordable solutions by 24/7 Indoor Storage, there is no need to risk damage to your vessel by leaving it exposed in an unsecure location. The next time high winds sweep through the Las Vegas Valley, you can rest assured your boat is safe and sound with no danger of damage from falling tree limbs or flying debris.

The unrelenting sun can oxidize paint and cause color and graphics to fade over time. Decals peel and crack, lowering the value of your boat. 24/7 Indoor Storage offers climate-controlled protection that will keep your boat looking like new.

Boats stored outside inevitably collect dust and debris making them more difficult to maintain. When your boat is stored inside, it takes just a few minutes to wipe down the surfaces and clean the glass before your next day on the lake.

Additional Services Make 24/7 Indoor Storage the Clear Choice for Las Vegas Boat Storage

At 24/7 Indoor Storage, we provide much more than just four walls and a roof to shelter your boat. Our professional trained staff works tirelessly to make sure our customers receive the kind of service they expect and deserve. What really sets us apart from the competition is our additional attention to detail and the willingness to do what it takes to satisfy our customers.

With 24 hours notice we can prepare your boat for launch allowing you to maximize your time on the water. Our staff will remove the cover, wipe down all surfaces and check the air pressure in the trailer tires to ensure safe transport. Upon return, we will take care of washing the exterior, shutting down the battery, dressing the trailer tires and replacing the cover. Boat owners can take advantage of these free incoming and outgoing services twice per month for the duration of their storage contract.

We offer additional services including delivery within 15 miles to your house or the water. We can even set up your boat for launch so all you have to do is climb aboard and take off.

We provide indoor vehicle storage Las Vegas consumers can count on to protect their investment. Call 24/7 Indoor Storage at 702-296-1515 and speak to a customer representative to learn more about the best Las Vegas boat storage facility.

Las Vegas Boat Storage Incoming Services

Las Vegas Boat Storage - Outgoing Boat Services

How early do you like to hit the water? Lucky for you 24/7 Indoor Storage for Boats in Las Vegas, can have your boat ready for you when ever you need it and we even give you hand in by taking care of these services for you:

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