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Dump Gray Water

RV Back Flush & Add Chemicals - $35 Plus $5 Chemicals

If you are like most RV owners, you love the freedom of having a self-contained vehicle that allows you to camp virtually anywhere. Your rig has most of the comforts of home including a kitchen, sleeping areas, and even a fully equipped restroom. One of the ways you pay for the luxury of having a restroom on board is facing the unpleasant but necessary tasks of emptying the dirty water tanks and flushing the system. Call 24/7 Indoor Storage at 702-296-1515 and you can leave all the dirty work to us.

We offer recreational vehicle owners a wide range of complimentary incoming services when they store a rig in our climate-controlled facility. When you drop off your RV for storage, our professionally trained staff will take care of the rest.

Emptying your water tanks after your trip is just the first step to preparing your RV for storage. Flushing the system is necessary to remove any waste clinging to the inside of the tanks and pipes. Failing to remove all the waste can cause it to build up and eventually clog the system, leaving you with a messy and expensive restoration project. Keeping the tanks clean eliminates foul odors, clogged drains and a backed up toilet.

After emptying the holding tanks and flushing the system, our staff will add the necessary chemicals provided by you. Enzyme based treatments are preferred because they contain helpful bacteria that digests waste products and controls odors. You should avoid chemicals containing formaldehyde because they kill the good bacteria and are toxic to humans and pets.

Adding a water softener to the water when flushing eliminates waste while making the inside of the holding tank smooth. When used regularly, this keeps waste from sticking to the walls of the tank making it easier to clean.

Our technicians are familiar with the proper procedure to use when flushing an RV’s water system. It is important to flush the black water tank first because it contains the dirtiest water. The gray water tank is flushed next and then the fresh water tank. This prevents contamination by ensuring the cleanest possible water is flowing through the system last.

Check out our list of complimentary services, which include battery maintenance, turning off the propane tank and opening the vents. When you are searching for the best RV indoor storage Las Vegas has to offer, call 24/7 Indoor Storage first at 702-296-1515.


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